08 April 2008

Has been cam-whoring al this days (:
Anyway, i brought a new pair of eyelashes! x3
W/crystal on th lashes, make th outlook blinks :D
Unfortunately, used it for twice & misplaced it smwhre else D:

Haha! Here is my photos for th last few days :)

Alright.. hmm.. currently i'm working in a pub located in town area.
budden, looking for etc job as part-time afternoon job or another night job
w/better pay (:
As for now, i'm saving for iphone! :D [$750]*th cheapest unlocked model i can find already-.-
I promised myself i'll get myself this phone by April ! (:
SO.. yea! start saving by now :D

-Cut down on taking cab will save me alot.


Cause since then, half of my pay goes to th cab services ! LOL.
That means cutting down on taking cab will save half of my pay (:

Btw; i'm interviewing a job tmr.
A rather high pay job @ 4.30pm.
Wondering am i able wake up in time-.-?
hahaha, it's time i shld end my blogging now :D

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