26 June 2008

deardear & me (:

Awww.. can't get to sleep. woke up in th afternoon,
& went back slping again :x
woke at 8plus finally-.-
& went down boat quay again..
as usual,
canto rock & so on..
with my bf (:
but, went back home ard 3plus?
kinda early as i went oud at 12am+ only leh.


hmmm.. went down boat quay straight away work,
then went shin bar with jingyu & co.
drink quite abit den proceed to cityfront to have my dinner
-.-3plus at that time bah.
ate a lil spoonful den cal for a stop le.
quite a lil unwell that day ):
after that, we went canto rock.
dunno why ytd is duper sian compare to etc days we went.
felt so bad for both of my friends leh.
actually gng back de, then we pull them to canto & drink.
LOLS. thus, they felt damn sian
over there too. hmmmm..
over there til 5plus, then i felt super tired already.
did't slept for over 24hrs already leh dey!

*p/s; don't say i never mention u hor :P

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