24 June 2008

Life is like on a roller coaster,
there's ups & downs,
accept what had happen in your life,
cause what's better is ahead (:

Aww.. just recover from my fever-.-
missed work again, have nt eaten since ytd midnight,
till 2hrs ago, but no appetite.
eat a lil only.
*shld be losing weight now? ...
Sometimes, things may not appear what it appear on th surfaces. Truth maybe hidden or what u expect maybe wrong.
I started to rewind my life,
started to realize ..
something might goes wrong with me.
Where's th optimistic me have gone to?
Where's that me in th past has gone to?
Why am i in such a pathetic way?
no no no..
This is not me!
I will change..
I swear!
I'll proof you wrong (:

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