26 July 2008

Finally believe the truth &
I'm soooo fu*king mad now.
I agree that retribution does & should exist [:
You motherfu*ker- will get urs soon (:
(brainless-noisy-asshole) :P

*May u kana TP! _|_ *roll eyes.

Okay; back to topic!
Went down canto today again.
It's not the same anymore....!!
(For 2 days already)
w/out aaron & roy.
The laughers, noise, fun is not there anymore.
I rather u guys are there to suan me,
laughing happily together,
than the silent & coldness all of us are having D:
The ambiance is so different in canto now.
Every single of us is wondering..
When u guys will be back?

You are just like the shadow in my mind.
Meeting you in my dreams?

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