25 July 2008

Just woke up not long ago-.-
Yesterday went to a indian pub with sabrina & co.
after work.
err, that pub was rather weird.
Just didn't suit me & th girls (:
But afterwards, we went to canto rock as we didn't
manage to hiong in bedroom =/
open 1 jug, sat there & dance.
Guess what?
One of th waitress came to me &
told me that jackie chan son was here.
Th news were spreading here & there. lol.
& i saw jackie chan SON (Fang zhu ming)?.. LOL.
Really look like him! *the nose. haha.
& people clap after he danced.
But he really dance quite well.
*Related to celebrity are having simply different treating.
After that, canto rock closing & we went back home :D
*Missed my steamboat today =.=

I really miss you a lot.
Maybe just letting,
Fate decide everything..

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