23 July 2008

I'm so tired !
I really dislike Accuser; Backstabber; Shoot kia !
Fuuuckk _|_

Nothing At All .
Just had a Fuck-ing dream :I
& dream of those Fuck-ing stuff that seems real.
Fuck la ! (:

But, I'm Optimistic then.. [:

Back to th topic ! ~
I had been thinking for th several days,
bout.. how should i spend this year usefully,
do whatever i wish.
& i had already plan several ideas (:
  • Get a afternoon/morning job !
  • Extend my social circle !
  • SAVE $$ for future impt expenses.. (eg. car, apartment, license)
  • Body check up(s) .. *i don't want to die early!
  • GYM sessions. Gambatte!!
  • A higher level lifestyle :D
  • No more Tolerate for my own sake !

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