04 August 2008

Brand new look!

New blog layout!
*Damn tired with it,
Watching " $ not enough 2 " later on :D
Let's see if it's nice. [:


It's 2.40am now.
Just ended work & was real tired now.
Watched ' $ not enough 2 ' just now &..
Rating is 4/5.
Go watch yourself & u will know. *grins :D


Cause just purely can't saw me inside lo.
*the co. really very rich lo, even not inside also can pay $30-.-
Imagine how many extras they need?=.="

But what i can comment bout that show is..

  1. Humorous while touching, don't even know to tear or laugh lo.
  2. That mother of the 3sons really acted very well la.
  3. Animations was freaking funny thou kind of fake.
I'm freaking tired now! *yawns.

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