03 August 2008

I went Jovene's hse for majong today,
with sabrina & jingyu.
Guess what?
Was winning the first few rounds,
Lose $27 after all.
Thus, we were just playing 20/40cents -.-
Ji Tao Suay lor.
So, Next time don't jio me play majong with cash (:
*Always having bad luck playing with cash=.="

After that we went down to canto.
Btw, I never wore any make up for th day.
More Shaggg~~!
Jingyu was feeling unwell & then she make th..
first move back home first.
Wearing a M size jacket,
a cui short + w/out make up
down to canto!
Can't stand it laaa~!!
Was covering my face facing my friends lor-.-

Therefore, No pictures of the day for Today! :D

P/s: Notice i got a new tag board for my blog? (:

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