13 August 2008

Oh Damn !
The previous night i was so-drunk.
Cried so much & don't even care about my smudging make-ups.
*so pai seh lor!
From work to Qool bar & to Oasis disco pub.
Can't even rmbr i had eaten "Fishball noodles" ,
after going those places =.="
Missed work & everything yesterday.
Never mind, going out with jingyu later on (:
But where?
Maybe Orchard or Bugis.
It has been ages~ since i shopped =/
Time to change few sets of clothings.
And not spending $ on tooo~ much alcohol =|

Not going out with her already.
Maybe after our work bah [:

I want to let go of it.
But it's hard.
No one can felt what i went through.

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