17 August 2008

On the: 15th August

Went out to work & went to Jingyu's working place
to wait for her.
Vomited while waiting for her.
After wards,
Went Oasis to meet her friends & drink.
At that point of time,
I'm already half dead drunk!
But not as drunk as the last time to Oasis *wide smile :D
After Oasis,
We went to Hock Hai Market
to have our delicious BA KUT TEH! (:

On the: 16th August

Stay-ed at home for the whole day.
Too tired & moodless~
*Sleeps [:

On the: 17th August

Going out with my qian min,
to Vivocity later on *smiles.
Heard her saying that M.A.C liquid eyeliner is high rated
by quite a lot of people.

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