18 August 2008

Went to Vivocity with qianmin yesterday [:
Went to a 3rd floor Bejing spicy steamboat restaurant.
Don't taste really good & the restaurant seems to be quite BUDGET.

  • The selections was not as much as those bugis steamboat store.
  • They never use those lamp post, they're only for decoration -.-
  • The floor is like those construction floor, they did't renovate at all. *you can see cracks!
  • Only until customer drinks are finishing, then they will take initiative to refill !
  • The workers are not as much as those in bugis.
  • The steamboat selections are only 3 !
Can imagine how much the taokay earn?
Even the food don't taste as good as those in bugis but
There are quite a big crowd.
But, the prices are rather reasonable.
Student:$16.50 (Drinks not Included.)
Adults: $21/+- (Drinks not Included.)

P/s: But i suffered from severed stomach ache this morning.
My body was sweating, lasts for hrs &
the pain wake me up in the morning.

Anyway, i have brought new hoodies! (:
1 at $24 Only.
2 for just $36.
But, i think i need just 1 only.
The length is just till normal waist length.
And it's Orange colour! (:
There's pink, black, white..
BUT, i think that's tooo~ common. *wide smile.

Yay! gonna go for work later.
Don't need to ROT at home! :D

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