02 October 2008

Miss Kelly;
- Trust nobody except yourself.


Went to thai-disco with ; Botak & Jackie.

Alright, i admit that i kind of like thai-disco.
Although there are Thai girl working there to seduce guys
for $$.
But seriously they are very friendly & sociable..
I love their songs & dance, although it's full of techno.
But overall it's enjoyable! :D


Alright, ytd was Hari Raya!
Boat quay was flooded with peoples.
Jamming of cabs & cars everywhere.
Saw a lot of friends & familiar faces (:
And went to different pubs to find different peeps.
End up, DRINK.. Drink drink!
But of course not till drunk la. *haha! :D

Awww.. So much movie i wanted to watch! :I

... Mirrors, Painted skin, The black swindler !!

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