03 October 2008

To feel Angry, Happy or Both?

This is the sweetest!


Sometimes human is really unpredictable & sophisticated,
It's really hard to know what is on someone's mind.
Especially some kind which you don't understand them at all !

I feel Angry; because i don't know why i met those "CUI"
-beings ! & it exist back & forward in my life. _|_!

I feel Happy; because it no longer bothers me, it's gone! (:
but same the beings is everywhere..
It will just "Hello & Bye"..... !

Damn _|_ -up , you know or not?!


Just like you trim your eyebrow!
But after awhile it will still grow strays hair again.
so no matter how hard you trim..
It will still grow right.
& you have to do the same thing repeatedly!

Damn dulan right, you say?!


Anyway, today is Friday's fever! (:
Gonna go for work, afterwards go bq chiong again!
But today is just not my day. Fuck!

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