08 October 2008

p/s: This photo look so shag hor? Like ill face :X lol?


I want a new pair of contact lens!
Especially those Geo,Iris,Japan lens >.< p/s: but Iris lens prefered!
From so many different blog shops.
But even i buy, also couldn't wear la!
Cause of the stupid eye infection "Bajiam" !
Thus, I've no patience for the capping or what so ever.
Eyer! Why they don't have in stock for contact lens?! =.="
Some more Singapore don't have a single shop
selling those lens de meh? -.-


Btw, i went for steamboat on Monday.
At "The house of steamboat" located near Bugis.
Before i continue.
Let me ask you one Question.

What age & below is counted as child..?


12 Right..?

But how dare the shop said "Below 10"!
Means 9 to 1years old leh.
Then still never mind lo.
Charge my sister adult + a lil discount lor.

But their service is below poor lor!
  1. Won't refil our soup base automatic, still need us call them every time-.-"
  2. Won't turn lower the fire for us automatic, the soup was boiling real high!
  3. Their lower down fire = turn off lor, i can't even see the fire when they assume there is!
  4. I can't even understand what the China guy is talking bout. Can't they hired Singaporeans or Malaysians?
But the best thing is that the price is very inexpensive.

Now that i should admit Price = Service! =/


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