15 November 2008

Happy Birthday to ME! [:

Guess what happen yesterday MIDNIGHT? =/

  1. I went for spicy steamboat with my friend at beach rd.
  2. Beforehand i was drinking.
  3. I went to Cineleisure for movie.
  4. I watched SAW V. p/s: R21 ley! (:
  5. Right when i was on the seat ...

Guess what happen?!



Oh my goodness!

Damn fk-ing paiseh lo !

Everyone can hear me, & the smell was strong-.-
*Bobian. Me & my friend secretly move to the both seats below.
From A12-11 to B12-11 ...
But it still smells. ]:
Imagine, what i ate?!

The spicy soup smell is so strong ..
And a part of the cinema is full of food & soup.. SMELL-.-
I know it's gosh.

But Not As Gosh As The Show! (:

The Show was freaking bloody, violent & gosh !
And i can't really get that show,
Perhaps, because i didn't watch the previous season 1-4 ]:
And the ending ends unexpectedly.

So my rating will be 2.5/5 =/

P/s: I got watching proof one hor..! Seee.. R21 *satisfaction (:


Anyway i watched
Quantum of Solace (007) recently.
Hmm.. rating is 3/5.
Normal but nice action scene.
Worth for a watch if you like action films.

James Bond ~~! :D

P/s: Gonna go for steamboat again later on..
Omg! Not the same spicy again i hope! :O

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