24 November 2008

Well, look at the hours now.
I'm still awake. =.=

Oh, anyway. A good news to announce.
I have been shortlisted for a interview+training
to promote health products for a launch at National library.


So wish me good luck.

Anyway the pay is darn good (:
$60 from 1.30pm to 5pm.

The only thing that is making me uncomfortable
is that..




I need to wear a PENCIL SKIRT !

In case,
If you don't know what is that.

it's something like this..

Oh God.. !
I have never wore something like this ever before.
But it's a formal event,
So i guess it's normal? (:

On the saturday! (:

I went to orchard to have my buffet dinner.
At the Family international buffet,
located at ngee ann city (:

That place was great but was kinda ex
on the weekends nights.
But worth the spendings.

There was oysters, shark fin soup, beef steak,
chocolate indulge & etc....

But among all.
I like the Oyster most,
it was so so so Freaking FRESH & BIG!

Afterwards went to cine to meet my friend & watched
the movie called

P/s: Well.. It's the soundtrack image (:

* Rating would be 3.5/5 ! :D

It was nice, but the starting is too long,
ending too short.

Overall, it is still a worth to catch movie.
It was so humourous & wild show.
The female character was wild & pretty!
I like her a lot. (:

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