08 December 2008

Okay peeps!
Gonna announce some stuff whereby i have already..

Firstly, Due to my working timing..
I'm very Lazy to shop in the noon.
So if anyone gonna shop in the noon time,
from morning to 4/5pm..
Please don't call me along.
P/s: Cause perhaps I'll reach at 8pm ! =/

Secondly, I want to grow to become more
Mature each & everyday.
SO.. I'm gonna start to try & to quit saying
Immature stuff.
As well as doing Immature stuff (:

.. WHY?

Cause i think it's time for me to start to


Anyway, has been out with Jingyu this recent days.
From steamboat to drinking,
i really do Miss her a lot now ! :O
Glad that she's doing fine now..

And i felt that she changed.
Change to a more healthier Jingyu (:
(P/s: If you get to see this entry.. You'll know what i mean by healthier right?)

*Wide smile :D

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