10 December 2008

What a unfortunate day!

Well, I'm uncontactable thru my hp now ):
I left my hp in my workplace!

OMG ...

But, don't worry. It's in a *safe place (:
I just forgot to take back.
Realized that only when i reaches Boat quay yesterday.
I was with my friend &
Oh my Fu*K !? How could i forgot such a important item.

But then i was like..
"Aiya, Fk-ing hack care la, tmr night get back lo!"

But it bothers me A LOT.. !
I keep assuming that my hp was with me,
& trying to reach for my it in my bag.
Then i was, "Oh ya, it's not with me."

& my hand is like itchy to hold things.
( Eg. Smoke, Drink, Play fist game/dice, Etc.. )
So, i realized w/out my hp, I'll tend to drink & smoke more..
With a lousy feeling.

So, it's Not Fun At All !
My mind is not at Boat quay yesterday la..


Let's skip the hp incident..
Anyway, I really damn feel like having


I heard that there's a lot of variety of foods over there.
Thus, mostly was yummy yummy ones.
( Eg. Duck tongue & neck, Fish (Super big & spicy) , Etc .. )

So maybe i could quit drinking & start to get addicted
to Geylang's food & spicy steamboat.
*Hohoho :D

P/s: So if anyone is interested, contact me thru my email uh,
or either way, Msn (:

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