05 February 2009

Here is the updates of photos for CNY :D
Finally upload the photo(s) in the laptop..
From lunar till now..!
Mostly is taken in pub (:

The First two is at "Red Antz de club".
Weird pub name hor..?
It's located at parklane, don't really like that pub
personally -.--

Then follow by the six photo(s) is taken on the way
to my relatives house for 1st CNY (:

The few remaining is at "Honey pub",
my 老地方 ! =I

"幸福の老大" ehs.. Lol !

Forgot who*, Jackie, Me & Sam

My real blood sis & Me

My mom & Me

Me! :D

1st day of CNY


Me again!

Jingyu, Darren, Sam & Me

Kao! "幸福の男人". Lol :X

Bestie! :DD


Anyway, went to shopping 2 days ago (:

As well as treating my family to a

spicy steamboat restaurant
for a Yuan-Yang steamboat.

Brought a Mango leopard prints top & Dress/top from Joop.

Wanted to buy more, but no time!


P/s: This is a wierd time to blog =/

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