08 February 2009

Well, going for a understanding of a job detail @ 9Am
tomorrow (:
Well, it's a office job..
Don't know whether should take up the job :I

Rested at home yesterday, cause..
I'm sick ]:
Severe painfulness in the throat,
suspected it was "strep throat".
Cause, i got some other symptom too..
Not just a simple sore throat.

Gonna see a doctor maybe tomorrow,
just too lazy to see one :X


Although I'm sick..
But, i may going down boat quay later :D
One day never drink, very 辛苦 one leh !
You know?!

But, couldn't smoke, until i recovered D:
Or else, i suppose the illness get worsen..
But actually i couldn't drink also,
but don't think it will affect that much as smoking..?

Aya, I don't care lah! :O

P/s: Getting back to my freelance job soon, when i recovered ! (:

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