30 June 2011

Taiwan trip part 1 ! :)

Well, I know I've tons of stuff to blog & share..
But I'll blog my trip to Taiwan, Taipei first! :D

When there for 8 days and going back Taiwan on the 18th July!
I'm sooo excited seriously! Before that, would be going Phuket 
on the 4th! :)

By the way, Taiwan is really addictive..
The food choices is a lot, especially in the night market!
I like the Smelly Tofu , Spicy lok lok , Duck's blood spicy soup..
Weather is good! Cooling temperature...

Alright, here's my Travel kakis for Taiwan!

Alright, so we reached Taipei in the night,
nothing much left to do..
So went to Shilin's night market! :D

Didn't download much photos from my Facebook.
So, didn't upload much..
We brought damn lot's of food back..
Haha, but my fave among all is the Duck's blood soup!
You can't get this in Singapore!!

Looks nice right? ^^

Ok, I'll show you the place I live for the first 3 days..

Nice right? It's somewhere above Taipei bus station only!

The next day, we went to XI MEN TING! :D

The next day we when to XI MEN TING again & Taipei 101..

This is nice! Cheap trip. But my hands is so aching after the session!
Have to keep hold on to the handle because there's no seat fastener.

Modern Toilet Restaurant!

In Taipei 101 !

The beer float that I'm drinking at Taipei 101 is so nice! :)
Must get it & try at there!!

I saw this pad machine at there with interesting photos..
Sort of seductive photos lor! Lol.

Bought this ring at there for 12sgd only?
Damn love it!

To-be continue...

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