01 August 2011


Hi Lovelies!
I'm back from Taiwan not long ago.
Didn't manage to capture tons of photos..
But was definitely having a fun time over there.

The most dreadful thing ever was to take a 4hrs 45mins
BUDGET flight fro & back.

Nonetheless, shopping was a craze this time round
with Jing Yu.
Luggage is like an additional 9kg back to SIN.
Every trip overseas always made me broke to the max!

Good Bye SIN!

Vendome Hotel @ Tong lin building 12F (Right above Club Luxy)!!

Our rooms! The services of the hotel is worth 5 stars!

Having sushi @ 24hrs express restaurant!
$1.30 per plate only!

If you are wondering, it's an umbrella store.

Went to 西门町 the following day!
Shop around, spending lot's of money..
Went to a ramen stall to have our lunch :D
It's located on the 2ND floor & I tell you, 
if you are a spicy lover, you will love this!!
We ordered "地狱麻辣拉面"..
you can select mild spicy,medium spicy or most spicy
for the soup base.

And I swear this is the most tasty & spicy ramen I ever
ate in my entire life!
Really as spicy as it's called.. 地狱麻辣.
It cost 110NT only, which is $4.60/- only?
The pork make it even awesome with the tenderness!


Before (Lips)

After (Lips)

Wednesday's night!
Went to Club Luxy as it's just below our hotel.
Happening to the max!!

It's me with my newly bought leopard prints corset! <3

Me & Jingyu @ Luxy!

Was approached by a photographer who's doing events photos for Luxy.

After a few days we went to the night markets.
Actually we've completed a few of it.
Shi lin, Gong guan, Wan da & Rao he night's market.
But I only have Wan da night's market photo!
Was lazy to take photos from the trip.. 
Because it's the 2ND trip & went several similar places.
But will update my 1st trip with tons of photos & after my sis
uploaded the photos with her cam.

Wan da night's market!

I tell you I really Love this max!

Spicy smelly tofu w/duck's blood & topping w/Enoki mushroom!
Do you know how much it's for a bowl like this?
90NT only!! ($3.80/-)
But this is only for smelly tofu's lovers!
Because it's really smelly!!

Do you notice that my eyes actually seems larger
than previous photos?
It's because of a double-eyelid tape I bought in Taiwan!
It's a double sided tape!
Which means the glue part is not on one side only,
but both!
Looks 100% natural & sure works even you have
a obvious double eyelid like mine already.
Strongly recommend by 女人我最大!!

Not yet seen in SG yet, there's a lot more
beauty stuff which is not in SG yet..
Will get some stocks to sell in SG when I'm there again!

4th August going to Hong Kong, 
will be back on the 8th August!
No worries, this trip I will take tons of photos
& update the best stuff over there! (:

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