03 November 2011

3rd Taiwan Trip (071011-141011) Part 2

Here's the part 2 of the Taiwan Trip.
Well, didn't really have the time to blog recently.
Anyway was down with hangover now, feeling so sick!
Have to blame myself for drinking so much. Zzz..

3rd day, Rao He Night market again~

 The big size drink at the 1st stall of the entrance of night martket! Cheap & Nice!

My smelly tofu~ ^^

Dogs shop! I'm not a person who loves dog... but there's one puppy which is really cuuute!!

I like the one on the left!

Seee! So cute right? Don't know why Taiwan pets look way cuter than Sg ones... Lol.

Yummy! Bbq Mushroom~

I'm drooling over it now! This pic makes me so hungry!

&&& My FAVE! Mala duck's blood soup!! Spicy & the tofu alike texture duck's blood!
Had it everyday in Taiwan!! Now I'm missing it so much!!

Chicken's claw! I love eating this, even in Sg! Takeaway back to my motel! (:

Me & Taiwan beer!

Loook! So messy right! Too lazy to pack all the stuff nicely until the last day going back! LOL.

4th Day, Cheng de st , Section 4 & around Shi lin district.

Once again it's a night.
Oh ya, did I ever mention that there was none a day time I stepped out
from my motel. I get out the earliest is around 6pm,
which Taiwan's sky is already dark, unlike Singapore.
The only time was when the last day where I didn't slept
& went to Xi Men Ding before catching our flight.

Here we are, having steamboat again! But I simply love it soooo much!
It's cheap & tasty! ESPECIALLY the beef! <3
Okay... I even ate the unlimited mala duck's blood soup during the steamboat buffet.
It's a Cheng De street, section 4! Near to Jian Tan MTR! If anyone wanna go! About 10SGD/pax!

LOOK! The tons of prawns he's putting in! HAHA.

After the heavy meal. We walked around shi lin district & saw this!

A very discreet place. My friend managed to spot it.

In the end... I decide to give it a try!
Heard it's good for skin! (:

Me drinking the soup.

That's the snake meat! well, the photo is a bit blur due to the setting T.T

5th Day! Shi Da Night Market!

I always love eating chicken & etc in this kind of stall!
I order the "Yao Yao Ji" that's mention in the big banner.
Hmmm.. Not that bad!
But still prefer "Xian Shui Ji" over than that.

Making in process~

This is why I told u I love to eat mala duck's blood soup!
But with smelly tofu included too.
It's a shop concept. So, I quite like it! (:
With vermicelli + enoki added inside for just 90NT!
Next one will be a clearer picture of that! 

Alright, all the photos are done!
Didn't really take much. 
Because I've taken a lot on the 1st trip already~
Therefore.... Kinda lazy to take more this & the 2nd trip that period too.

What I've bought in this trip other than clothings..
Is my Domoto Tsuyoshi personal book & a Magic box with learning disc.
Didn't buy a lot.

But anyway I'm heading to Hong Kong again this coming Tuesday.
Which is from 8th Nov - 12th Nov.

In real soon, 5 days time! (:
Anyway from now on I will post larger image..
Previous size can barely see clearer.

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