14 November 2011

Recents & Hong Kong trip preview

Well, tomorrow once the clock ticks 12'midnight
would be my 20th Birthday!

Didn't really plan how to celebrate it in Sg.
Perhaps just drink in some Thai disco but can't afford
to get drunk.

Cause have to catch a flight in the afternoon!
Back in SG for 2days & flying again.

Currently having some interest on watching HK drama.
"Forensic heros 3" & "谈情说案"

Damn! It's soooo nice & it keeps get me
go on & on for the next episode after one end.
Somehow really hate the feeling when the most exciting &
anxious part is going to come & then... Da tah!
The show end!

Makes u 心痒痒 for the next episode but
have to wait for the next day/week for it to aired! ):

Here's some preview of my HK trip...

Anyway, have to thanks Hannah' babe for the sudden surprise birthday present!
I really appreciate it a lot! :D

I'll be back soon again!
My eyes are shutting down soon~

I ignore to everything
doesn't mean my feelings are gone,
doesn't mean I don't feel hurt anymore,
it means that I need to face the fact, 
not getting deeper any longer
& give up painfully, slowly.
But every here & there,
my heart tells me
I still care...

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