15 May 2012

Days in Canada! :)

I miss all my friends, families in Singapore badly!
One month has just past.
Five more months to go!

Have been eating instant noodles, fries, chicken wings all the time!
Start missing my Sg food!!
And the clubs in Sg too!!

Mookata, Steamboat, Tom yam, Carrot cake, char kway tiao, hokken mee!!

Argggh! Still remember ytd I dreamt of ordering those food! Damnn ):

Well, some photos for update during this past one month!
Didn't take a lot cause was busying with work.

Finally it's going to hit summer over here! Weather is so cold for the past few weeks! Even wet snow for a couples of days!

Had a fortune cookies from a Thai restaurant and the note inside was saying "Love is around the corner"? Lol!

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