31 March 2012

Living in Toronto.

I miss everyone so much!
Especially my family & friends!
Most of the time over here, have been wondering how my family there in sg, are they doing well? And my friends if they are still doing good, everything is still great in life!

Have been looking through the photos over and over again! Especially the photo album Brander had made for me before I came over to Toronto.
Look forward to everyday cause I know every next day means it's one day nearer coming back to sg!
Although there's still 4months 3weeks left...

Over here I have great friends around too! Ever since Audrey came over to Toronto, she made me felt that time passes so fast. Having tons of fun time together! Forever full of jokes whenever we are and whatever we are chatting about! :D - My Bestie over here!
Other than her, I have a nice Spanish roommate as well! She's really caring and friendly! A interesting & fun girl to be with. Often having cybersex with her bf while I'm sleeping. Lol!

Generally expenses at Toronto wasn't as much as I was expecting while in sg. Food wise is slightly expensive..
But the portion is bigger and prices are around 10sgd> for a normal small restaurant.
Food court/takeaway wise, it's around 6/7sgd>. High class restaurant is about the same as sg. But the taxes here is 13%. So for shopping wise it's adding in another 13% additional to the price tag. So far shopping is great! I think it's somehow better than sg pricing for the quality given?

Well, anyway I'm going Niagara falls this coming wed! So looking forward to it.

At least I feel better now and not as home sick before I type about my life in Toronto right now.

Well, I still have muscle aches all over and lower back aching so badly when I try to bend due to all the dancing..

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