24 August 2007

hhah! uploaded one photo. just edited nias. hheeees~!!
btw, eddy bdae cominq lers. brouqht hiiis bdae present lers nahs. llols.
he muus b damnn happy ders lars.
tomoro qoiinq CENTRAL.
hohoho ;DDD
sudden attack. eddy saes hhe tomoro...
walauuu.. hw to qif hiim present..
ii dunch care. durinq school tym oso muus
qif hhim nahs nahss.

llols. btw,
ii'm just tooo~ happie bout tomoro lers.
waited fer daes nahs.
ii'm not referinq hiis bdae lars. llols.
hmmms.. it's another..
ue noe ue noe.. LOL.
hmm, btw.. stop here lers bahs.
too happie to continue my bloq lers.
bye readers!

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