19 August 2007

wakakas! ;DDD
ytd just went out with my beloved aniimals`hut(:
we went to amk hub den to yewtee to makan,
last but not least..
we DRANK! hheeees~
2baron,2tiqer. hiqh arss!
+ + is with my moomoo wor.
nv saw hher drink bfore.
oink, moo & bloop.. tqt.
chalet aqaiin.. steady!? xDD
as usual d rest of our time, we spendinq on..
SLACKING!! but..
somethinq unpredicted happen. haiis.
ivan & ben qot cauqht fer stealinq bicycle.
so ta ma ders suuayy norss!
too much of a coincidence..
a police car pass by & saw what dey did.
=.=" suuuaayyyss larss~~!!
haiis. nw da problem iis dunnoe
mars & ron wil tio mars..?
hope nthinq happen to dem & da 2 dat qot lock-up.
btw.. lata watchinq "bu nenq shuo de mi mi"~!!
hahas. cfm + chop niice ders luhs.
my FAVE~ "jay chou" act ders leiis((:
hheeees~ anys, just end here bahs.
Takecare & Byes readers!

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