27 August 2007

it won't be the same. never ever.
dere's too much thinq happen ytd..
the worsest dae i ever had.
ytd ii brk up wif my std.
that's not the thing that made me felt upsad.
hais.. ue won't noe that feelinqs,
unless ue experience it.
why ii seems to be d last person whu
noe d truth?! WHY?!
no one told me. except those hintinq.
those unhappiness are hidden behind my mask.
no one ever understands.
someone who ue really trusted hide the truth frm ue.
but that's not finish. that's not all.
the worse thinq was..
the one ue ____ most, PLAYED YOU!
wtf?! damnnn it... so damnn fk-up!!
i'm human! i'm not a toy to every sinqle one. i'm not cold blooded tooo~
haiis. why thinqs turned out to be in this way..?!
there's really too much ii need to say.
if ii can turn time back..
ii would stiue choose back the same road.
seriously. && never reqreted.
ii'hv draqqqq... everythinq & cause some misunderstandinq.
hohoho! d truth is wif me & no one ever noe.
maybe some may not understand or misunderstood why ii choose to do that.
ii planned to brk wif my ex on fri, afternoon ders.
who knows d outinq is cancelled & noo what so ever hp
ii can use to msq mars. -.-"
& SOME..
misunderstood.. ii brk up bcors of another reason.
anyway, everythinq has ended.
different story, different endinqs.
ii shld look forward(:
with optimistic, cheerful, confident attitude.
every tomoro is another new day((:

; pretendinq knowinq nothinq):

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