13 February 2008

It's valentine's day tomorrow! 14th of every febuary :D
Do you have any dates? (:
As usual, on every valentine's, i'm either alone or with my friends.
But on this up-coming valentine's, i rather working in pub.
And earn money de loh~
Sometimes, "the attached(s)" yearns to be single,
While, "the single(s)" yearns to be attached.
Quite true, isn't it? (:

My payday is nearer & nearer! :DD
29th of febuary { the leap year }
Uh-huh! Have ue heard before th new movie?
Called "the leap years".
It's starring by li-lin (th lead actress) &
i forgot his name (th lead actor)who starred
as a male lead in a movie called "th shutter".
If you guys could rmbr.
It's sort of a romantic show, geee*
seems to be quite nice.
Gotcha watch when i gotten my pay! :D

A Coach Hampton's Checkbook Wallet!
Awwwww.. I want this! ><><><
The price is at least.. 400bucks de lo. hmpf!
nvmnvm. wait till my pay comes.
It's really damn nice, in black & th "C" al over th place :D
Anyway, gonna work at 9pm later on, til 1am.
& bloop is coming over to meet me.
haas* Nightlife for today again, budden..
I'm broke! I'hv used up my angbao $$ :/
After ytd i'hv brought 2 tees~
A heniken & rolling stones fanclub tees.
heh* quite like both of th tees,
esp.. th heniken tee & i'hv brought it for 13bucks each only.

[ RUNS ]*

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