05 February 2008

Really sad this few days DDD`x

Who is my real/fake friends?
Who treat me good truthfully & who is not?
Where goes wrong in between our friendship?
Who can i rely on?
Who are trust able & who are not?
What i'm thinking exactly?

Who can answer me? DDD`x

Stuff are getting complicated & making me confused!
I really don't which to care anything anymore!

I wanna die. I feel like dying.. sobbbbb!

Anyway, i'm working in a pub today 9pm @ jalan klapa, "Passion 4"
10bucks/hr - th only thing that makes me happy :I
Change from th usual "Stanley's pub" to another pub, cause of
th pay. It's double the pay in "Stanley's pub" leh! (5bucks/hr)
The interesting thing is that, it's in th same street. lol :D
But not in th mood of working, hais D:

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