18 January 2012

Recent updates

Didn't blog for a long period of time,
ever since I came back from HK.
Recently has cut down a lot on drinking!
A lot of photos over at my sis Iphone, gonna upload once I got it.

Well, really miss miss miss Taiwan.
The clubs & night markets is fave!
Can't wait to be there~
Latest update is going Taiwan on the 12th Feb for a week!

Anyway, will cont to cut down on drinking
as hangover is really a terrible feeling...
Although drinking is my usual habit & love beer especially! ^^
"The most fattening part is consuming food after drinking!"
Although cutting down, 
But I'll sure go Taiwan to club to the maxxx!
Wonder how much weight I'll put off during the vacation...
Foods are the most awesomeeee part! :DDD
Must bring my yan hee slimming pills over there~

P/s: Will update soon with my a few upcoming photoshoots photos again!

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